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West Ventures Development is a unique land development company created by three friends who wanted to responsibly provide housing for Utah's rapid population growth. Instead of succumbing to the urban sprawl mentality of many Arizona, Texas, and southern California developers, Drew Herseth and Scott Peterson, both licensed civil engineers, and Lance Long, a practicing lawyer and law professor, wanted to be a part of the solution rather than contribute to the growing problem of urban sprawl in Utah.

West Ventures is the result of their efforts. West Ventures provides creative solutions to difficult development situations and seeks to provide affordable housing that contributes to a sense of community by the very nature of its design. Developments such as Evergreen and Black Horse Run typify West Ventures' commitment to developing areas ignored by other developers because they provided too little profit for too much work. These, and other developments, seek to integrate the beauty of the natural environment with a mixed-use community that intersperses various housing options with natural open space. The goal is to create a community of close-knit neighbors that know each other, live close to essential services, and are surrounded by natural open spaces and parks.

Browse our website to see what we are doing, and contact us if you want to be part of the solution as well.

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